Body Lotion 6.8 FL.OZ

Lack of proper care causses skin slakening and feelings of discomfort. Nourishing one’s skin is essential to allow its regeneration and dryness prevention. 

During summer, a proper hydration will allow a long lasting suntan. During winter, i twill help shield from drying environmental damage. That is why this body lotion, exceptionally infused with sweet almond oil and primrose is the ideal skincare to be used throughout the year. It features a fluid, smooth, non-greasy and delicately scented texture. It is quickly absorbed and provides instant comfort for the skin. Such as a gentle caress, it will become an essential ritual of well-being in your beauty routine.

For a daily use, apply morning and/or evening, on a clean and dry skin. Starting at your ankles and wrists, massage with theflat of your hands by working towards your heart. Apply in circular motions on your stomach and your way up to your torso, as the motion stimulates circulation.

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