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Privacy Policy and Protection of your personal data

Within the framework of the use of its services and in particular on its website www.uneoliveenprovence.com, the company Une Olive En Provence makes every effort to protect your privacy during your visits to our website as well as on our web pages and applications, including those present on social networks.

By using our Site and our Applications, you agree to the terms of this Policy. If you do not agree with any of its terms, you are free not to use our Site and Applications.

Protection of your Personal Information

All the information that you can provide to www.uneoliveenprovence.com during your visits on our Site and our Applications is strictly confidential. The information concerning you allows us to facilitate your purchases, to know you better and thus to improve the commercial relations that we maintain with you. It is only used for the purposes for which you provided it to us. 


What information is collected?

The Data we collect may include your so-called personal data, in that they allow you to be identified. Some information is mandatory and some is optional as indicated in the collection form.


The Personal Information you provide to us or that we collect is :

Information relating to your identity such as your surname, first name, gender, date and place of birth, information present on your identity documents;

Your contact information such as your postal address, e-mail address, telephone numbers;

Data relating to the means of payment used;

Information that you provide when communicating with us;

Information relating to our business relationship and the purchases you make;

Data collected through cookies. We use cookies on our website and in emails to recognize you, remember your preferences and present you with content that may be of interest to you. 


What do we use your data for?

We only use your Personal Information with your prior consent. 

We collect and process information about you for a variety of purposes:

-To process your order; 

-to reinforce and personalize communication, in particular through newsletters/emails, as well as in the context of personalizing the Site and Applications according to your observed preferences;

-to better understand our Members and their use of our Site and Applications and thus modify our Site and Applications according to their needs

-to ensure the fulfillment of orders by service providers and suppliers, subcontractors (including carriers); 

-to monitor customer relations, such as conducting satisfaction surveys, managing complaints and after-sales service for the management of requests for access, rectification, opposition, deletion, limitation and portability of data;

-to fight against fraud.


What information do we share with third parties?

We undertake not to divulge to third parties the information you provide to us. The information you provide is used exclusively by our internal services and will not be transferred or sold to third parties without your prior consent. Thus, www.uneoliveenprovence.com will never transmit your Personal Data to third parties likely to use them for purposes of direct publicity, except if you have expressly consented beforehand. 

We may be required to transfer in a secure manner to third parties certain data, in particular personal data, 

-to ensure the accomplishment of tasks necessary for the execution of the order; 

-to ensure the delivery of goods and the realization of services; 

to ensure the delivery of goods and services; - to monitor customer relations, such as satisfaction surveys, claims management and after-sales service

-to respond to an injunction from the legal authorities and/or to fight against fraud and more generally any criminally reprehensible activity.

The recipients of the data are : 

- the persons in charge of the marketing department, the sales department, the departments in charge of customer relations and prospecting, the administrative departments, the logistics and IT departments, as well as their line managers;

- the services in charge of control (auditor, services in charge of the internal procedures of control...);

- subcontractors, provided that the contract signed between the subcontractors and the data controller mentions the obligations incumbent on the subcontractors with regard to the protection of data security and confidentiality (Article 35 of the amended Act of January 6, 1978) and specifies, in particular, the security objectives that must be achieved;

- partners or external companies of the same group of companies, subject to the customer's consent;

- organizations, legal auxiliaries and ministerial officers in the context of their debt collection mission.


Fight against fraud

www.uneoliveenprovence.com is convinced of the need to take measures to fight against fraud which endangers consumers and alters their confidence in online commerce. 

In order to ensure the safety of the payments at the time of the transactions on its Sites and Applications, to avoid the frauds and thus to protect the consumers within the framework of the remote sale, www.uneoliveenprovence.com can be brought to carry out an automated treatment whose finality is to control, or to make control by its subcontractors, the orders placed on its Sites and Application and to check the regularity of the information which are transmitted to him at the time of these. This verification involves the processing of certain data, in particular personal data, collected via the Sites and Applications of www.uneoliveenprovence.com.

Consequently, if an order does not present all the guarantees necessary to ensure a conform and secure payment, www.uneoliveenprovence.com reserves the right to cancel it. If we deem it necessary, we may ask you for additional information and documents in order to finalize the order.

In the event of non-provision of these additional information and documents within the time limit, www.uneoliveenprovence.com can be constrained to cancel the order, to block the access of your account on www.uneoliveenprovence.com and to proceed to the inscription of some of your Personal Data in a file " incidents of payment ". If this were to be the case, the members concerned would be informed individually by an e-mail when the incident leading to their registration on the incident list occurs. This e-mail will specify the reasons and consequences of this registration and the methods for exercising the rights of access, rectification and deletion. As soon as a regularization on behalf of the customer will have reached the Commercial Service of www.uneoliveenprovence.com these data will be removed from the file and the customer account reactivated.


Hosting of your Personal Data ?

Before arriving on our servers in France, the Data coming from your Terminal has already been transited from servers located all over the world, independently of any action of www.uneoliveenprovence.com. 

Our site is present in different countries but your data is only stored on secure servers located in France. In order to operate certain services and features on the Sites and Applications, Une Olive En Provence may need to transit Data through servers located around the world and host Data in countries that have laws ensuring a level of Data protection that is either equivalent with French and European legal provisions, or different. In any case, www.uneoliveenprovence.com will then naturally take appropriate measures to maintain the security of the personal information during the transfer and the reception of this information. The subcontractors and service providers will be bound by contract with www.uneoliveenprovence.com, which will ensure in particular a high level of protection of the Data, and will require that all technical measures necessary on a continuous basis to keep the Personal Data secure are implemented. www.uneoliveenprovence.com will ensure the same high level of protection of the Personal Data as that required in France. 



What are your rights?

In accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, you may, at any time, exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion of data concerning you as well as your rights of limitation and opposition to the processing and portability of your personal data. 

In addition, you have the legal right to define directives relating to the fate of your personal data post mortem. 

Furthermore, any person who was a minor at the time of the collection of his or her personal data may obtain its deletion as soon as possible. 

These rights can be exercised by mail to the following address 


80, Avenue de la Vallée des Baux



Email : [email protected]

In case of request for deletion of your Data, we may however keep them in our archives, and this, for the time necessary to ensure our legal, accounting and fiscal obligations and in particular, to prevent possible illicit behaviors after the deletion of your Account (reuse of your old account by a third party).

Security of Internet navigation

 Integrity of your data on the Internet

We take steps to ensure that your information is secure. For this reason, we use technical, physical and procedural controls in the collection, processing and transfer of your data.


Malicious Use

You should protect your account password and not share it with anyone. You should also be careful and exercise good judgment when using any of our community spaces, such as our Application on social networks: no www.uneoliveenprovence.com employee will ask you for your password. We also recommend that you never disclose any information that could identify you or any third party. If you do, we cannot be held responsible.

www.uneoliveenprovence.com asks you to contact us immediately if you discover any unauthorized or suspicious use of your Data in connection with www.uneoliveenprovence.com by writing to us at [email protected].

Your password and the www.uneoliveenprovence.com login links sent to you in our emails are your sole responsibility and are considered confidential.

E-mails received from www.uneoliveenprovence.com, links and passwords should never be passed on to other people to avoid any risk of identity theft.

Independently of www.uneoliveenprovence.com to whom you voluntarily transmitted your Data and in particular your electronic address and taking into account the nature of the Internet network, other operators, without any link with www.uneoliveenprovence.com, are able to collect these without your consent, in particular at the time of your navigation on Internet. Consequently, we recommend that you install anti-virus and "anti-spyware" software on your computer and update them regularly.

The security of your terminal and your network remains your responsibility. We recommend that you have an up-to-date anti-virus on your computer, that you do not let just anyone access your home wired or wireless network and that you check that your communications with the Internet are legitimate. You can also install a firewall on your computer.


3. Spoofing/ Phishing

Because www.uneoliveenprovence.com guarantees you a secure navigation, your login and your password will never be asked to you. www.uneoliveenprovence.com will never solicit you by e-mail to obtain personal or financial information. You should only provide your account information after logging into http:// www.uneoliveenprovence.com directly through your browser.

If you receive an email from www.uneoliveenprovence.com that you believe to be fraudulent, please notify us by forwarding it to: [email protected]

If you suspect that your account www.uneoliveenprovence.com has been spoofed, contact our Customer Relations Department as soon as possible, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm from France, on 04 90 18 22 06

In case of fraud of your payment card, we invite you to contact your bank.


Security of online payments


The Site and the Applications www.uneoliveenprovence.com are subject to one of the most effective security systems at present. www.uneoliveenprovence.com has adopted the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption process.

During the payment, your banking coordinates are encrypted on your computer, then transmitted in encrypted form to servers only able to decrypt them. The authorizations and data are then verified with your bank to avoid abuse and fraud.

This process is based on the HTTPS protocol (implementation of SSLv3 or TLSv1 over HTTP), one of the most robust protocols available today. During transfers via the Internet, it is then impossible to read them: nothing is transmitted in clear text on the web.

The rules for the use of bank cards impose on banks domiciled in France the obligation to cover the risk of fraudulent use of your card.

We remind you that you must notify your bank or card issuer of any fraudulent transaction.


In order to constantly improve the quality of the services offered on the site and their adequacy with your expectations, www.uneoliveenprovence.com may use "cookies", text files used to identify your terminal when you connect to one of our services. 

The deposit of cookie or tracer in your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) allows www.uneoliveenprovence.com to collect information and personal data. Depending on your choice of settings on your terminal, cookies allow you to

to use the main features of the www.uneoliveenprovence.com website,

to optimize our website and to detect possible technical problems,

to memorize your choices and preferences and personalize your user interface,

to establish statistics for the purpose of traffic management and use of the various elements making up the www.uneoliveenprovence.com website (sections visited, path taken by the user) in order to improve the ergonomics of the site and the interest of the services offered,

to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns by counting and evaluating the number of sales and clicks according to our advertising investments,

to know the content of the pages you visit, the information you chose to share when you registered on other sites, the pages and websites you may have visited

to share information on social networks.

Depending on your choice of settings concerning the use of cookies, certain traces may be emitted or read by third parties (advertising service providers, communication agencies, etc.) during your navigation on the site www.uneoliveenprovence.com.