Hand Cream 3.4 FL.OZ

Our handscan often betray us. Exposed to environmental damage, constantly solicited and without relief, it is essential to nourish them and reduce dryness. Shea butter, highly concentrated in vitamin E, infused with oilve tree properties will significantly acts in depth.

Thanks to its softening and soothing effects, this hand cream restores skin, leaving it silky soft and visibly regenerated. The hands that will have received this treatment will feel lighter, nourished and with visibly fading time signs.

Apply at any time of the day, ideally after any aggressive action for the skin. Take time, ideally once a day, to execute a few circular pressures on your palm, working from the top of your fingers to the wrist. Cover your palm with your fist and proceed to small movements. Then gently strech up your fingers as you pull.

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