Foot Cream 2.5 FL.OZ

Constantly bearing the weight of our body, strained and forced into shoes, our feet are given short shrift. This cream, rich in active ingredients, is formulated with plants with disinfecting, soothing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing qualities, refreshing and nourishing properties.

Thanks to the fresh mint crystals, this treatment features an effective toner effect. Butcher’s Broom, red vine and arnica improve circulation, while thyme, sage and rosemary release their disinfecting properties. Should a hint of humidity appear, it would be neutralized by the rice powder absorbing properties. 

Massage morning and/or evening on cleanse and dry feet. The foot and especially the sole contain most of nerve endings related to our vital centres. By massaging this sensitive area, the entire body can be stimulated and with practice more specific pressures can be applied. For the first steps, firmly massage beginning at the toes, moving towards the ankles, then reverse directions and rub moving towards the toes and reducing pressure.

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